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(No one has replied to my other posts, and I really need support. )

Hello all,

I just had my period (6-7 days) and it ended on the 23rd of July. The flow was medium, and the cramps were normal. Prior to my menstrual cycle, I was very very ill. I had a HIGH fever (103 degrees) and a sore throat. I had to take 2 pills of TYLENOL (500mg each) once a day and also took CEPHALEXIN (4 pills a day, containing 500mg each and I heard that it could cause UTI). After my period had ended, a couple days later, I had used the restroom once and it really hurt. It was like a sharp pain. I then noticed I was bleeding, but I am not too sure if it was a sign of pregnancy because it didn't come from the "entrance" of the vagina like menstruation does. I also develop cysts in my vaginal area before my period (as a sign that my period is coming sometimes), which may have been the bleeding. I am not too sure. It had only happened once.

Prior to this period in July, between the days of June 19-21, I sort of had a sexual encounter. I am still a virgin, and the guy was at my clitoris area. I have heard and read you can only get pregnant if the male ejaculates on the "entrance" or the inside of the "entrance" of the vaginal area. I have also read that you only have implantation bleeding (spotting for 1-2 days) as a sign. None of this ocurred with me.

To this day (July 31, 2007), I have not had any signs of pregnancy. I have not had morning sickness, implantation bleeding, or extra menstrual cycles. HIGH levels of stress is not supporting this issue. I have only been stressed out due to my sickness, and the thought of pregnancy. Can you also get pregnant if the male ejaculates during dry humping (with pants and underwear on) ?

Is there a possibility for either of these two situations? Please, inform an eighteen-yr. old......



Note: I am also stressing out A LOT more due to seeing babies everywhere....

I really do not want to be pregnant because I will have to leave my mom and sister and live with my friend in Rhode Island. I really do not want to do that....I love my mom too much, and I am really attached to her....


Another note: It is now my ovulation cycle, and I am experiencing some cramps, which is normal for me. Nothing out of the usual.


Your period ended the 23rd of July..Right?

You would NOT be pregnant NOW.

It takes up to 2 weeks after sex for pregnancy to occur. Pregnancy is a 2 weeks long process, it is NOT instant!

You do not get pregnant the NIGHT you have sex.

You do NOT sound pregnant, because you did have a period. June 19-21 sex activity would have showed up as pregnant already.. You would have missed that July period.

Have you considered birth control?

You do not need parental consent. Planned parenthood offers LOW COST AND FREE birth control services, so you do not have to use insurance.

You have options, you are NEVER stuck with an unwanted pregnancy.


To Carifairy,

Yes, my period did end exactly on the 23rd of July! So it takes up to two weeks for pregnancy to occur? I didn't know is already the 6th of August, so it if I was pregnant, it would have shown up in July and I would have never had that period. I would have just had maybe implantation bleeding.

Thank you so much for giving me this helpful advice! You have lifted a great deal of stress off of me that you just don't know lol. Thank you so much.

As soon as I read your reply, I thanked God for this. I made a promise to never have sexual activity until I KNOW I am ready to have children.

Thank you so much Carifairy. You have made me happy!

Carifairy? I have heard that women still receive their period during pregnancy. But, most women do confuse their period with implantation bleeding.. Could this happen to me?


Unsure Lady,

I was reading your post and wondering how long you were taking the antibiotics for and when, lost my train of thought. There are very often times when you are sick (like you explained the 103 fever), illness, stress, changes in your life, school, etc. etc. that can REALLY create havoc with your menstrual cycle.

You mentioned, if I understood correctly, that you would get a vaginal "issue" before your period? Does it happen alot? Cheers, I think you have the right idea in mind with your choices.

Just try to remember how often "tempermental" (so to speak) our bodies can be, when sick, and also given when we are taking medication etc. Try not to stress too much, Sweetie, tomorrow has enough worries of its own. And even if we stress, it never makes the situation better, for it plays out for itself.




Thank you, Mr. Hizgrace4all !!!