I had my annual physical exam just recently. My Xray result was suggested to APICOLORDOTIC VIEW due to suspicious densities on the left upper lobe. Below is the result of my apicolordotic view:

Apicolordotic view of the chest confirms patchy nodular. densities in the left apex.

The cardiac silhouette is magnified. Both hemidiaphragms and lateral recesses are sharp and distinct. Visualized  osseous structures showed no significant abnormality. 

Impression: Inflammatory process suggestive of KOCH'S INFECTION, LEFT APEX.

Note: This report is based on radiographic study and should be correlated with other clinical & laboratory findings.

My question is, is it possible that I have a Koch's Infection even if the rest of my laboratory results are all normal especially the CBC and Urine analysis? Though, I have a history of bone fracture 2 years ago (lateral rib #4 & #5 were fractured).