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My girlfriend took a Morning After Pill  (MAP) recently after an unprotective sex. She said that she was at the most fertile the time we had sex.   I've done some research on the internet and it said that MAP doesn't work if it was taken after ovulation.  However, about a week after taking the pill my girlfriend have this heavy bleeding and cramps which she claimed to be like her normal period but it's almost 2 weeks early for her expected period.  Is the "bleeding" indicates that the pill works? Or taking the pill after ovulation will not really work at all?


Hi Grady,

Don't believe everything you see on the internet.  Two days after ovulation she is extremely unlikely to get pregnant having sex.  She wouldn't even need an emergency contraceptive as the egg would not be viable.

She is having common side effects of using the morning after pill.  Not all women get them and the effects can vary depending when in her cycle she uses one.

Hope it helps.