i take the oral contraceptive pill on an irregular basis as it tends to make me gain wait. I take it every 2-3 days to ensure i don't get my period and when I do get my period I start to take it a little crazy once or sometimes twice a day. I got my period, then took 2 oral contraception pills, the next day my period stopped in the morning. My boyfriend and I had sex using a condom but unfortunately the Condom broke. I then went and took another pill and within 8hrs had taken the morning after pill. The chemist advised me if i vomited within 2 hours of taking it, to re-take it. Almost 4 hours after taking I vomited a little of my dinner as I tried my best not to vomit at all. The next day I had one large flow of bleeding which I mistook for my period which it wasn't. It has been 6 days since this all happened and I have been getting cramps etc but I am terrified I may be pregnant. I leave to go to away for 5months in just 11 days now and I am not sure what to do regarding if the morning after pill didn't work. How long until I'll know I'm pregnant. Can I go by the medicine abortion pill and take it away with me just invade I was to find out I am prefab at while away? Also I am only 18.