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Do you want to shock people with your body modifications? Tattoos and piercings just won't cut it in today's world. Get a corneal tattoo, have implants inserted under your skin, or have a giant bagel injected into your forehead instead.

Do you think a tattoo (anywhere on the body), or a visible piercing is radical and scary? You are so out of date! When you find out about the next generation of creepy body modifications, you'll be praying your kid, grand kid or kid sister chooses a tongue piercing!

Bagel Heads: Extreme But Temporary

Do you want to look like a Star Trek character without using a mask, but not forever? Be a bagel head! A "bagel head" is an extreme-looking but temporary body modification on the forehead created using a saline drip. After an initial bulge appears, something that takes about an hour, the characteristic dip is made by pressing firmly into the center.

The result is a person who looks just like they've got a subcutaneous bagel or donut on their forehead!

Bagel heads look fascinating, really bizarre, and they're impossible to miss. When hospital-grade saline is used and the equipment is sterile, this trend is safe. Over the course of the next day, the saline in this body modification is completely reabsorbed by the body, and the skin returns to normal. The "bagel head" body mod started in Canada and then spread to Japan. Unfortunately for you, if you're hoping to be a bagel head for 24 hours, it's going to be very hard to find a reputable provider no matter where you live. Attend a body mod convention if you really want to try this. 

Subdermal Implants Will Give You (Goose) Bumps

People who like the look of shapes under their skin but are looking for something (much) more permanent may go for subdermal implants. A subdermal implant will create a lasting raised shape on your skin. Subdermal implants are most often made of implant-grade silicone or teflon, but stainless steel, gold, and other materials can also be used. People who want subdermal implants will need a minor surgery. Once an incision is made, a tool called a dermal elevator is used to lift the skin up and the implant is inserted. The incision may then be stitched or sutured with surgical tape.

Subdermal implants come in all kinds of shapes. I've seen stars, skeletons, smileys, dog paws, and simply spheres. People get subdermal implants in all kinds of places — including the forehead, collarbone, arms, legs, around the ribs, and on the hands. In some cases, a person starts off with a small implant to stretch the skin. This "starter implant" is later removed and replaced with a bigger object of the desired shape. Transdermal implants are a variation of subdermal implants where part of the implant protrudes from the skin — think spikes on someone's head or jewels on their back. 

Besides ensuring you pick a reputable, safe body mod clinician, you have to be aware that subdermal implants can migrate. In some cases, the body even begins rejects to reject the implant, necessitating its removal.
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