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The article looks at Dr. D'Adamos blood type diet and reviews it based on its potential benefits and downsides.

Follow a specific list of foods to eat and foods to avoid based on your blood type and enjoy good health and weight loss. At least, that is what Dr. Peter D’Adamo, the creator of the much criticized blood type diet boldly claims in his book “Eat Right For Your Type”. Although many people have sworn by his theories, medical opinion and research has blown his theories out the water and labeled his diet pseudo-science. Here's a brief look at D’Adamo's diet plan and the upsides and downsides to changing your lifestyle based on your blood type.

What is the blood Type Diet?

We are all born with one of four blood types, either O, A, B or AB. 

The blood type diet basically suggests that you eat from a list of foods that react well with your specific blood type and avoid foods that don’t react well with your blood type.

The theory holds that antigen markers in our blood type with react well or badly with certain substances in foods called lectins. By following the diet correctly, a person can enjoy greater health, less risk of disease and an ideal weight, according to the book. Originally, all human beings were blood type O, which is also the most common blood type today. D’Adamo believes that blood type Os thrive on a more meat-based diet, similar to our cavemen ancestors. The other blood types evolved later and D’Adamo equates the time of the appearance of these blood types to the types of foods eaten at that time. For example, blood type A evolved during the start of the farming era and so he believes that people with blood type A do better on vegetarian diets, for example.

The Blood Types In Summary

Blood Type O. People with this blood type would thrive on more meat-based diets that are low in grains. They should also avoid certain vegetables like cabbage, brussel sprouts and cauliflower as well as dairy products.

Blood Type A. People with blood type A thrive on vegetarian or plant based diets. They should avoid meat but can eat fish. Soya products are beneficial for this group but they should avoid most dairy products.

Blood Type B. people with blood type B can eat a more varied diet of most meats, grains and vegetables and can also tolerate dairy products. There are still a lot of foods on the avoid list though including tomatoes, avocados, coconut and lentils for example.

Blood Type AB. People with blood type AB, the rarest blood type are a combination of blood type A and B. D’Adamo suggest that they eat a mostly vegetarian diet but include some meats and fish in the diet from time to time.

Does it Work?

Like with most diet plans on the market, they tend to work by virtue of the fact that they contain natural whole foods, discourage processed food and result in a decreased food intake.

If someone follows the blood group diet and that results in them eating healthier despite restricting certain foods, weight loss and increased health will result.

One study, published in PLOS ONE in 2014, which looked at the role of the blood type diet on cardiovascular risk factor showed that the blood group diet did in fact have favorable effects but that the effects were independent of the persons blood type and were related rather to general healthy eating.

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