The subtitle for this book is More Than Any Man Should Know About Getting Married, but the information in this book is exactly what every man should know before he gets married. While the information in this book is presented in a humorous way and Van Dijk uses some fairly ridiculous examples, there is also quite a lot of information that is necessary and useful. Van Dijk just makes the book entertaining enough to read that the stereotypical guy is willing to keep reading to get to the good stuff. That s one point that I think I have to make up front. The examples given and some of the descriptions provided describe the groom as the stereotypical man. Most men probably won t fall fully into that category, but it is entertaining reading.

This book takes men step by step through the entire wedding process, from buying the ring right up to the honeymoon. In each chapter, there are valuable tips to be gained. For example, if you read the chapter on buying the ring you will learn what the most common styles are and what style of cut and setting you should avoid at all costs unless you know for a fact that style is exactly what your girlfriend wants. Granted, most men will probably not be reading this book until they are already engaged and their fianc recommends (or buys) this book for them. That s how I acquired my copy. But, there is still a plethora of other useful information available. Here s another for example: the author strongly recommends against using a videographer, though he does give a list of things to look for and ask about should you decide to use one.

As the groom-to-be goes through the pre-wedding process, this is a book that he should refer back to and flip through the relevant sections. As I get closer to my own wedding, I am certainly going to be looking back at this book. It was entertaining to read, as well as honestly informative. It may seem a little silly at times, but this book is definitely worth your money.