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Child sexual abuse is a shockingly common phenomenon, but parents can do a lot to keep their children safe. Do you know how to recognize pedophiles and their grooming tactics?

Sexual abuse may be number one on most parents' Fear Top 10 lists, but millions of children are living through pedophile-imposed nightmares right now. Are pedophiles really that mysterious? Is there really nothing you can do to keep your children safe? Sexual predators targeting children would love you to buy into that myth. Fortunately, these “monsters” are usually pretty predictable.

An Introduction To Child Sexual Abuse

All parents have powerful tools to protect their children from sexual abuse. Today, we will see how a pedophile chooses their victims, how abuse progresses, and what possible signs of child sexual abuse are. There are an awful lot of myths out there about sexual abuse, and it is important not to believe any of them.

How do you know that this particular article about pedophiles and child sexual abuse isn't a lot of nonsense, just like so many other ones you will come across on the internet?

I can give you great insights into pedophiles' strategies, and I can you a lot about how a potential or actual child victim may act too.

I am, you see, an expert on this topic. At age 11, a sexual predator chose me as his victim. He took my virginity and continued to rape me for the next four years.

Today, I am a mother of two in my thirties. I finally took the step to go to therapy a few years back, was diagnosed with PTSD, and have done a lot of healing. No, I haven't forgiven my abuser and I have not forgiven those in my surroundings who must have seen but did not act either.

I hope my experience can help you keep your children safe.

I'll illustrate each of the points we're going to discuss with a real-life example — parts of my own story — so you can move past theory and see what the process of grooming and victimization may look like. Details will always change, but child sexual predators are actually remarkably similar in the tactics they use.

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