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This article covers some of the most effective techniques that you can apply to your study habits in order to make sure you are doing as well as you can on the MCAT exam. I will present some techniques that worked for me and help you save time to study.

When you being your preparations for the MCAT exam, you will begin an odyssey unlike one you have ever undertaken when you prepared for your Final Exams as an Undergrad.  This is a very important test and is a big stepping stone for your career in Medicine.  It is important that you do everything in your power to ensure that you are as effective as possible to make sure you are maximizing the precious time you have before the MCAT.  In this article, I will present the Top 4 Lifestyle Modifications you can alter to make sure you are positioned to score highly on MCAT.  

Number 1:  Quit Your Job or Take Prolonged Time-Off If Possible 

Regardless of how well-paid you are at a job you hold, it is paramount that you do not forfeit valuable study time.  You need to set aside about 6 months to prepare for the MCAT so it is essential that you limit the distractions that you have during this time.  If you are financially strapped, try to do whatever you can to get overtime bonuses or some type of additional revenue before this 6-month window approaches.  It is a foolish idea to try to juggle working and studying because you will need to study at least 6-8 hours a day within minimum breaks to prepare yourself for the grueling endurance challenge you are about to partake in.  If you have a job to worry about, you will spread yourself too thinly and exhaust yourself during your preparation.  A 6 month sacrifice is nothing in comparison to a potential career in Medicine.  If you choose to not forfeit the time, your score may equate to a much larger amount of free time when you don't have to worry about Medical School. Don't risk it.  

Number 2:  Establish a Study Schedule That Has Absolutely No Flexibility 

When you are studying for your examination, it is important that you develop a habit of consistency where you are beginning to get in the habit of dealing with pressure on a daily basis.  You should set your alarm as if it was a the MCAT Exam Day and follow a routine that you will be able to mimic on Test Day.  Wake up at 6:30 a.m., have your coffee and breakfast, and then sit down to start studying until your lunch break around 11 a.m.  Take your lunch break and then make sure that you get right back to studying.  You can finish around 3 p.m. and have the rest of your day to fill with your other commitments.  It is wise to make sure that this schedule is strictly adhered to because the second you start incorporating study breaks or phone conversations, you can easily burn an hour of your time.  This test is about establishing a series of good habits to make sure you are as prepared as possible.  You must approach the MCAT the same way an athlete prepares for a game. Through constant repetition, you will train your brain to perform accordingly. After you are done studying, it is a good idea to something active so you can allow your brain time to process the information.  Going to the gym or even a jog can be a great way to refresh your brain and keep you from fatiguing as you move closer and closer to the deadline.  

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