Many previous researches found a link between breastfeeding and the intelligence later in life but most of these researchers failed to consider the mother's IQ and the parents' educational and economic status. When these factors were taken into account, breastfeeding was found not to have a major impact on the child’s IQ.

BMJ Online First published a study that included 5 ,475 children and mothers in the U.S and was a part of a ongoing youth development survey. 332 sibling pairs participated in the study as well. One of the siblings was breastfeed, another was not and still no difference between intelligence of the two was found.

The first time the question of breastfeeding impact on intelligence was addressed eighty years ago. Scientists then found the link between the two. However, higher quality studies that use different approaches found very little evidence to back up the previous findings.

However, the scientists today do not impugn the importance of breastfeeding on children’s development and health. Breastfeeding helps against infections and lowers the chances of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), as well as of allergies, diabetes and obesity.
In conclusion, new findings are saying that breastfeeding won’t make you children smarter but will certainly make them healthier. Isn’t that enough?