Some of the researchers in previous years already proven that red meat has negative influence on people’s health but this new research found link between cancer and different types of meat. The study involved people who didn’t had cancer and observed their food habits over the past years. Results of the study showed interesting findings over the correlation between cancer and consumption of red meat.

Study participants were divided into 5 groups regarding to their intake of red meat. Findings showed that people who had the highest intake of red meat had the greatest risk of developing colorectal, lung and liver cancer when compared to the group of people who eat the smallest amount of red meat and processed meat. This represents clear evidence that consumption of red meat decreases risk of developing some types of cancer.

This study also suggests that people who reduce their intake of red meat can lower the possibility of developing lung cancer to 1 in 10 and this also is the case with colorectal cancer.

Smoking and other factors were not included in this study. However, lifestyle can also have an impact on developing cancer. This study was based only on consumption of red and processed meat and it clearly indicates that if people avoid too much consumption of red and processed meat they can reduce the risk of developing different types of cancer.