A new study found that children whose mothers took high doses of fish oils during their pregnancies significantly boosted children’s hand-eye coordination, brainpower and vocabulary.

These findings are the latest evidence that highlights the importance of fish oils in enhancing children's development.

The last trimester is thought to be the most important time for intake of fish oil because there is a growth spurt in the human brain during this time, which carries on into the first few months of a baby's life.

Fish oils don’t have just good effects on the children but on the mothers as well, especially during pregnancy. They help in reducing high blood pressure during pregnancy and relieve post-natal depression.

The latest Australian study included 98 pregnant women who were taking 4g of fish oil supplements or 4g of olive oil supplements daily from 20 weeks of pregnancy to the birth of their babies. Two and a half years later, the children were tested and had their growth and development measured.

The children whose mothers took the oils scored highly on hand-eye coordination, comprehension, phrase length and vocabulary.
The mothers were non-smokers who didn’t eat more than two portions of fish weekly.

Pregnant women have been scared off eating fish lately due to the mercury risks but now they can take high quality capsules if they are concerned about the mercury risks.