Scientists from the Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut were so worried about the large amounts of sugary sodas consumed by the population, so they decided to study sodas effects on people’s health.

They went trough all the published studies on the topic and found a clear and consistent relationship between drinking sugary soft drinks and poor nutrition, increased risk for obesity and diabetes.

Eighty-eight studies have been analyzed and 91, 000 women studied in an 8-year study. The study results provided a strong link between soft drinks and health outcomes.

Women who were given to drink one or more sodas per day, which is less than the US national average, were twice as likely as those who drank less than one soda per month to develop diabetes during the study.
When the researchers replaced regular soda with diet soda in the analysis, they found no increased risk, meaning that the risk was specific to sugar-sweetened soft drinks only.

The study results warrant serious concern about soft drink intake and a need for their reduced consumption especially because of the unprecedented rise in type 2 diabetes in children.