New study found that patients with HPV- positive tumors in head and neck survive longer and response better to treatment than patients who are HPV-negative. Some previous studies showed that human papillomavirus is involved in the development of some head and neck cancers, especially cancers of the upper throat.

Experts found that patients with HPV-positive tumors have better prognosis than those patients with HPV-negative tumors, but these findings are not yet confirmed. Researchers examined the link between HPV infection and cancer prognosis, and enrolled 96 patients with stage III or IV cancer of larynx in the study.

The patients were all given the same treatment. Results showed that patients with HPV-positive tumors had higher response rates after chemoradiation therapy than patients with HPV-negative tumors .

Researchers suggest that the risks and benefits of therapies should be considered separately for HPV-positive and -negative patients