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New research came to interesting finding that levels of cholesterol that’s found in membrane of hair cells in inner ear can affect people’s hearing ability. Researchers say that they knew for a fact that cholesterol level is lower in the outer hair cell membranes than in any other cell in the body but they didn’t know that it can be related to hearing problems.

The inner ear is made of two different types of sensory hair cells, inner and outer and the outer ones are the ones that are affected with cholesterol levels and they produce inaudible sounds in the ear canal. During the research on mice scientists measured hearing ability of mice and changed cholesterol levels to see what impact it has on hearing.

It was found at the end of the study that adding cholesterol at first increased hearing but later resulted in a hearing loss. Some of the previous studies already reviled that changing cholesterol levels has an impact on eating habits but this study showed that animals hearing can be changed just by adding subtracting cholesterol. However, this research didn’t found the link between hearing and food habits.

No connection has been made with hearing loss and greasy meals but the results of the study can help people understand how the cellular mechanisms for regulating hearing ability works.


What paper did this info come from? I'd love to read more about it.