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Hello! My doctor told me that I have the following problem. What I want to know something basic about it. I have bullous subconjunctival hemorrhage. I am very afraid for my life that I can lose it. I am interested to find out any type of healing that can help me. I really need some help. Thanks for your good will and any solution.


Hello there briant309,

Well first of all I was trying to find out something about bullous subconjunctival hemorrhage but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. On the line there are just some discussions but no facts at all.

So, I really hope that your condition isn’t that serious and that your doctor will provide you with more information and that he will let you know about treatment options that you have.

Please keep us posted about your condition, and definitely let us know what this condition is, what is causing it and what is the best way to prevent it and heal it. Good luck anyway.