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It's easy to just give up because something is too hard. But did have have to be so difficult? Maybe you did it to yourself.

Christmas is over and January has started and for most of us, that means the time for a new, fresh start, which means resolutions, new goals and an attempt at a better - if not necessarily easier - life. But have you ever wondered why you’ll get to mid-February (or sometimes mid-January...) and you’ll have completely given up the ghost. Goodbye ‘new me’, hello ‘same old, same old’. And all that will happen is we’ll get frustrated with ourselves and the fact that, once again, we can’t keep our easy new year's resolutions. Here’s a few reasons I think our goals go bye-bye.

Motivation, Such an Aggravation

Why should I bother beating around the bush? Motivation is often the most troublesome and toughest thing to come across when you’re trying to stick to a resolution. What happens usually goes something like this: you set your goals, you’re really motivated, then one day, you’ll have a terrible day and throw all of that out of the window. And for what? What you need to do is set your sights on something a little more attainable next time. Quitting eating snacks is too broad, and snacks are too good, so pick a specific food you want to stay clear of and do just that. Simple.


Time can be one hell of an enemy. When your resolutions are diet related, you’re always going to fall through a crack because all of the quickest foods are the foods with the worst things in them. Microwave meals and whatnot are simple, easy and quick, and when you come home from work post-8pm and you need to cook for the kids too, an oven meal is usually the way we will go. Well don’t! Try and look away from that and keep you cool. If you don’t, you’ll only end up disappointed and frustrated.

Peer Pressure

Friends can be the worst, can’t they! If they want you to do something, and you don’t want to do it, they’ll only end up trying to convince you otherwise. And usually, it works. But wait, tell them to shove off! Don’t want that wine, don’t drink it. Not feeling like dessert, leave it alone. Tell your friends firmly but fairly “get lost!” when it comes to peer pressure. You’re most likely to get a reply that may surprise you, which will usually be along the lines of “why didn’t you just say!” - don’t succumb to peer pressure, and you’ll have a much better chance with your New Year’s goal.


Laziness is one of the toughest reasons to admit, because it makes you look bad! Nobody likes to look like they’re at fault, but I’m afraid to say that sometimes it just works out that way. All the way through January you go to the gym, and all of a sudden, your day gets a little long and you decide that tonight is the night you’ll have off. After all, you’ve earned it, right? One day turns into to, and then once more you’re back in 2016 mode and that workout routine has disappeared, and you’re trying to work out exactly what went wrong. Try and stay motivated even during the hard days.

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