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Hello! I would like to learn something new. Given that only begins to study medicine interested me the next area. I am interested about bullous impetigo of the newborn. Is this some kind of sin disorder or maybe something else? I am not sure how this disease is described, so I would like to know some basic info about it. Thanks for your skills and time.


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Hey there,

Bullous impentigo is skin infection usually of young childeren. there are several types of impentigo some more serious than others.
Bullous impentigo got ist name from the fluid filled blisters (or boullous's) which form usually on the trunk arms and legs. these are not painfull but the area around the blister is usually red and itchy. the blisters eventually break and scab over.

Impentigo is caused by two different bacteria Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus pyogenes. Staph is the usuall cause of impentigo with strep causing some of the NON bullous forms of impentigo.

the main concern with impentigo is that if gets deeper into the skin tissue, to the dermal layer, it develops into ecthyma and if it is caused by Staph. aureus then it could be the Methylcillian resistant Strain (MRSA). This strain is particularly dangerous because it is almost impossible to treat since it is resistant to nearly every anitbiotic. If MRSA is able to get through the sking and into the blood system this could be fatal.

I hope this help some
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