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I hear of my friend mentioned of her aunty has problems conceiving child because of overtaking of contraceptive pills for 3 days.
Is it really due to the long period of consuming contraceptive pills?
I wish to find out who have this problem also?

Or anyone who still conceive after taking this pills for some period of time?


My mom took birth control for 20 YEARS, AND she has 3 kids.

Birth control does NOT affect fertility!!!

She had porblems BEFORE she took birth control pills.


i am a member of a womens forum who all have one thing in common.
we have all been taking a certain very popular birth control pill for a varying time.
Now we are all suffering from problems relating to hormones, some of us are infertile.
we are all different ages but we have been through hell since stopping this birth control pill.
Please consider your future health before taking any artificial hormones.
There are many forms of contraception which will not leave you with long term side effects.
Just google this subject and you will have your answer.
thanks for reading this.