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I missed a BC pill on tuesday night and the last time i had sex was sunday night. today is saturday and im supposed to take the placebo pills starting this coming thursday.
so, two questions:

1) what is the likilyhood of actually being pregnant at this point?

2) before i even missed the pill, and before the sunday referenced above, my bf and i had sex, and came inside of me which is normal, but when i was going to the bathroom afterwards i noticed a pinkish-brown sort of discharge, as though i was about to start my period. that has never happened before and it wasnt right before or after my period. It only happened that one time and it confused me, could that also be some sort of indicator that happened before i even missed the pill or am i just super paranoid?


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You missed your pill after having sex so you will be fine.
I bleed after sex, not sure why. If it carries on id mention it to your doctor.
I had test an iv got fibroids an cycts. But the doctors arnt sure if thats the reason.