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2 days ago, I had a dot of blood in my underwear. At first I thought to myself that I might have cut myself shaving.
But yesterday I had some more, not much, just a little smudge. It doesn't show when I wipe.
I had sex with my husband saturday night (6 nights ago). He wears a condom and I'm on the pill. I usually take my pill in the same time frame, I take it when I wake up. This sunday, I will be starting the placebo pills, so I'm supposed to start my periods sunday. This morning I still had a bit of spotting.
I'm freaking out.
I really don't want to be pregnant.
I know that usually stress can make me late a couple of days. I have been under a lot of stress lately, but can it make me spot 4-5 days before my periods?
Yesterday I had really bad cramping, the ones I usually have just before starting my periods.

So, here is the timeline:
Saturday night (6 nights ago): had protected sex and on the pill
Wednesday (2 days ago): starting spotting and did so for thursday and last night.
Thursday (yesterday): Had usual period cramping
Sunday (in 2 days): starting placebo pills

I don't remember having this happening last time I was pregnant.


Hi there! I'm not sure if this is gonna be too much help, but I had a very simular situation to yours. I also had protected sex with my boyfriend (condom and pill) about 2 days after my period, and then a month later, normal time of my period, I had this funny spotting just before my period. But then my normal period came at the normal time, lasting the normal amount of days. I had extreme cramping as well. I've taken 2 very good quality pregnancy tests and they're both negatives. If you use a condom and take the pill correctly, I've heard you have a 0.0001% chance of becoming pregnant anyways :) I also suffer from depression and extreme stress levels (due to a strange phobia of becoming pregnant) so it does affect you and make you quite sick. I hope this helps in a way! Let me know what happens!