Researchers say that people who use vitamin supplements regularly and often replace healthy foods with vitamin pills could have some problems in the long run. Recent study warned people who substitute fresh fruit and vegetables with vitamins about harmful results. Results of the study showed that vitamin supplements as a whole increased people’s death rate by 5%, especially when it comes to vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene. These vitamins were found to be involved more in spiking the mortality rate.

Some previous studies claimed that antioxidants which are commonly found in Vitamin supplements improve health and this new study is showing quite opposite results then those studies. Experts claim that separate intakes of beta – carotene increased mortality rates by 7% , vitamin A by 16% and vitamin E by 4%. They also found that selenium decreased death rates by 10% when given on its own or as supplements.

People think that supplements can help them ward off cancer but studies show that intake of some supplements such as beta carotene can result in increased risk of developing lung cancer in smokers.

Researchers say that it’s advisable to take some supplements for some specific group of people but only if they consult their doctor first. Most important thing is that people should not replace fresh fruits and vegetables with vitamin supplements.