New research confirmed that people who eat whole grains can lose weight and it can also help them lower the risk of chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Study included 25 female and 25 male adults between 20 and 65 years who had metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome was previously proven to increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It seems that consumption of whole grains was associated with a lower body weight and also with lower body pressure.

Experts were hoping that consumption of whole grains could provide benefits to people who are at risk of developing some chronic disease. Participants in the study were divided into two groups. First group ate whole grains while the other group ate refined grains. Results showed that body weight decreased in both groups but weight loss in abdominal region was larger in the whole grain group. The group who ate whole grains also experienced about 40% decrease in C – reactive protein levels in their blood. High levels of this protein put person in a higher risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Group who ate refined grains showed no decrease in this protein even though they lost weight. Experts say that reduction was similar to the use of statin drugs and claim that this diet can prevent serious medical complications.