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New study claims that people who eat too much meat, fried food and diet soda have increased chance of developing metabolic syndrome which represents great risk for cardiovascular health and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome can be the cause of high blood pressure, high levels of triglycerides and high fasting glucose levels. People who have any of this disorders are at great risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Study involved about ten thousand participants who filled questionnaires and experts divided them into two groups according to their dietary preferences. One group was consisted of people who eat Western – pattern diet which included refined grains, processed meat, fried food, soda with very little fresh vegetables and fruit while the other diet called prudent diet included cabbage, radish, broccoli, carrots, fruit, plenty of fish and seafood, whole grains and low – fat dairy.

During the study period of nine years almost 40% of participants developed at least three risk factors for metabolic syndrome. People who consumed two or more meals that involved meat had 25% more chance of developing metabolic syndrome when compared to people who eat meat twice a week.

Results of the study clearly indicate that consumption of fast food is related to metabolic syndrome. Interesting fact was that prudent diet didn’t show any beneficial effect regarding metabolic syndrome.


I find this very interesting to read this cause now a days you see a lot of people going out to eat at fast food places rather than stay home. I definetely know that soda and fast food are bad for you period, but I would like to question you about the consumption of meat. I mean why is meat bad for you (I mean I can see how it would be bad for you today because of all the atrificial stuff that companies put in the meat without telling the people what's really in it) but its just meat, if anything its about the same as fish since fish "meat" is the same only put into a category of seafood. I understand that fruits and vegetables give you the most energy since things that are produced from the ground have a higher energy and when an animal or bug eats it, it loses energy in the process of consuming it, then more energy is lost when that bug or animal gets eaten by another animal and usually this is why fruits and vegetables are better for you, but I doubt that meat can increase your chances of getting diabetes or any other cardiovascular disease. Obviously there are some meats out there that can drastically hurt your health if consumed for a while ( Ex: red meat), but I guess my point and argument is that not ALL meat is bad for you to the extent that you can get cardiovascular problems.