Researchers have discovered that eating more yellow/orange fruits and vegetables may help reduce the risk of developing inflammatory disorders like rheumatoid arthritis.
Previous studies have suggested that vitamin C and the pigment beta-cryptoxanthin, both of which are found in mentioned fruit and vegetable, may act as antioxidants, and protect the body against the oxidative damage which can cause inflammation. They analyzed health questionnaires and diet diaries by over 25000 people between age 45-74. They then followed-up the participants over a nine year period to identify new cases of inflammatory polyarthritis ( IP ), including rheumatoid arthritis.

They have found that the average daily beta-cryptoxanthin intake of the 88 patients who had developed inflammatory polyarthritis was 40% lower than at those who hadn't developed it, and their intake of another carotenoid, zeaxanthin, was 20% lower.
This new research has proved one of the doctor’s previous investigations that low intakes of fruit and vegetables, especially those rich in vitamin C, and high levels of red meat intake were connected with an increased risk of developing inflammatory polyarthritis.