Recent research found that things such as breast implants, deodorant and coffee are not so likely to be the cause of certain cancers. Experts say that the highest risk for cancer represent cigarette smoking, alcohol, exposure to sunlight and some rare cancer drugs. They also say that people who smoke dope, use solarium and eat large amounts of processed meat have high risk of developing certain type of cancer.

Less risky are hair dye use while researchers say there are no strong evidences for mobile phones , cosmetic and food additives. Researchers say that people should not worry that much because of this rumored carcinogens that include sweeteners, coffee, deodorant and breast implants. They say this things are very unlikely to be the cause of certain types of cancer.

This study was made because people worry too much and their fears are often unnecessary because the risks are in most of the cases insignificant. Researchers studied more than 60 possible cancer causes and ranked them in five groups: proven, likely, inferred, unknown or unlikely. This study is very important because it gives information to general public about carcinogens that represent risk and how to reduce that risk.