New study found that women who have high intake of soybeans have reduced risk of developing breast cancer. Genistein is a compound found in soybeans and women who have high amounts of it have smaller chances of developing breast cancer. In Japan, soybeans are eaten as tofu, miso soup and this new study examined more than 20 thousand women in Japan between age 40 and 70 in a period of ten years.

Experts studied relation between this compound and breast cancer risk by comparing blood samples of women who had developed breast cancer and the ones that didn’t. Results showed that the risk of cancer for those with the high levels of genistein was one – third of that for the group with the low concentration. Researchers found that women who had highest concentration of genistein in their blood consumed 100 gr. of tofu per day.

On the other side, researchers said that excessive consumption of genistein and other isoflavone compounds may actually increase the risk of breast cancer. Another interesting fact they found was that older women who eat soy based food had lower risk of heart disease.