Im worried SICK, im 16 years old.September 22 i had sex for the first time... (keep in mind my period was already 8 days late the day i had sex , i have irregular periods). We used a condom, but the condom didnt go all the way down to the base so i was concerned and took the Plan B pill about 2 days later.. After taking the plan B pill i had my "period" for around 4 days. I experienced many plan B side effects.

Now i actually got my real period yesterday (a month later after taking the Plan B pill), yesterday my periods flow was normal and red BUT, today instead of red blood its like brown and had been getting lighter throughtout the day and usually i dont get brown blood untill the last day of my period and its only been 2 days into my period, im very concerned and so stressed out ): Whats going on?!