I'm 18. I started on yaz about a month ago. About a week and a half after i started on it I had a condom break. (first time I've ever had one break) I took the Plan B pill within the first 15 hours, which im guessing was good considering it said you could within the first 72. I just spotted a brown/red for about 4 days and imediantly following it I got my period yesterday. And it was on the White pill just like it was supposed to be. I still have my period today but its a lot lighter than it usually is. Is that because of the yaz? and possibly the plan B? I know I took in a lot of hormones this month that usually aren't there considering I just started the pill a month ago. How long do periods usually last while on Yaz? What are the chances that I'm pregnant?
So far I've had a really good experience on Yaz. Within the first week I noticed acne going away. Now I basically have none. I still have cramping but it is a lot better than it was. And my mood also increased and my PMS wasn't as bad. It would ruin everything if I was pregnant.