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I took Plan B and had an unusually light period (for me). My periods historically have always been debilitating, painful, and very heavy. Here's my story: The date of my last period was on September 12th, 2010. My cycle is usually between 27 and 28 days, and I don't keep track of my ovulation. I have taken Plan B in the past (about 2 other times over the last few years) and experienced very bad symptoms: bad acne, mood swings, bloating; and then a very very heavy painful period which followed. This time when I took Plan B, I basically felt nothing, and experienced no symptoms.

My boyfriend and I had an accident on October 2nd, 2010 when our 'ultra thin' Trojan condom broke while having sex and he didn't feel it break so he completely 'finished' inside of me - no pulling out, nothing - we might as well have purposely tried getting pregnant. So when he pulled out after we were done and saw that the condom broke, it was too late.

I took the Plan B pill about 48 hours later. I started my 'period' on October 8th. This would mean that if I was having my real period, it came in the nick of time as planned. But it was very light, hardly any red blood, and a lot of brown/old blood; I only had light cramping on the first day it came; and it only lasted for about 2 to 2 1/2 days with just occasional brown spotting for an additional day or two after; and then it was gone. I hardly had to bother wearing a tampon because it was so light. This is highly abnormal for me since I have horrible periods every month, and I usually go through at least five tampons a day within the first few days of my period.

Since then I've been feeling tired, I'm getting dizzy-spells, headaches, I'm bloated, I'm peeing a lot, and I have bouts of nausea. I just took a pregnancy test yesterday (October 19th) in 'the afternoon' and it came back negative. If I am pregnant I should be about 5 weeks along, shouldn't it have come up positive by now? Could five weeks be too early to test? I know a couple of women who had vaginal bleeding all throughout their pregnancies. If anyone has had a similar situation please tell me your thoughts. COULD I BE PREGNANT?


Am I missing something? The sex that seems to have created the risk occurred on Oct 2nd, we are currently at Oct 22nd, barely three weeks, and as you say, with the Oct 8th 'period' being so close to the presumed potential conception, it seems unlikely to say the least that any test is going to be effective that soon.

The first 'real' missed period might then be considered to be your Nov 5th period, which then will indeed be five weeks, and check your test specification, but yes, that seems to be a reasonable and typical time for the test to be accurate: bear in mind it doesn't detect the cells of pregnancy, but the hormone build up, which takes time.

Add the rest, and yes, in a week's time, or two week's time, you may well get a different result on your test.