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I have been on cymbalta for a year now. Started with 30 mg twice daily. Dx: general anxiety disorder (ha). Doc also stated it would help my lower back pain. Well on july 24th found out i was pregnant. So i quit cold turkey (3rd attempt) but to no avail. So i tapered to 30mg daily. By the time i made it to my appt i had miscarried. I was so upset that i vowed to stop the madness. I asked my bf to hide them he wouldn't. I dont know if the cymbalta had anything to do with the miscarriage but, needless to say im on day 5 without. Brain zaps are kicking ass and taking names. When i wake in the morning i hear a precussion section in my brain. I feel as if those chemicals took life away from me. Ive been keeping busy to forget. This is my fourth time trying. Is it true fish oil helps the wd symptoms.


I have been on Cymbalta for about 3 years now. I am on 120mg per day.

Back in July i fell pregant, i decided to lower my dose to 60mg, thinking I was doing the right thing by my baby.

9 weeks I miscarried, my partner and i totally devastated. I have two healthy boys aged 6 and 8.

I blamed myself, but now reading these blogs, there is a definate link to cymbalta causing miscarries. i am determined to do something about it. Too many angels lost...