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Hello, Myself a woman of 24 years old have menstrual cycle of 29 or 30 days normally. I had unprotected sex on the 5th day of my period on 15th of march(1st day was on 11th march) and had ipill within 4-5hours. I had withdrawal bleeding on the 11th day ie on 21st of march and lasted for 2days. The flow was less compared to normal period. In this month i am supposed to have my period on 11-12th of april . Today its 21st april and m delayed by 10 days now. Am i need to worry about? Is this delay normal due to ipill? How long can i consider myself to be safe? Is there any probability of getting pregnant after withdrawal bleeding? Plz help me out. I am very much worried as Pregnancy test is not possible for me.


hi...I always take iplli after unprotected sex with in 2 or 3 hours.All these monthes my periods were regular but from the last month it is irregular.Last month my period was 10 days late and it was last for only 2 days.In this month my period is 6 days late and yesterday i have taken ipill last day also after unprotected sex.Last month i take my home pregnancy test and my two test were negetive.But in google it is said that after taking ipiil there is possibility of get pregnent 2 women out of 100.That is so scary you know.Is there any possibility of getting pregnent?In a week i took ipill 1 or 2 times is it safe to take iplii?