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hi doctor, me and my gf had sex on 9th feb. her last periods were on 28th ja  2013. after protected sex she took i pill after 48 hrs for protrction. still now periods not coming. we did pregnancy test twice and both times result is negative. we consulted gyane on 7march 2013 and she told to take restrogen tablet thrice a day for 3 days. still periods have not come after taking the tablet  is my gf pregnant





Hi Ladies,
I'm posting this in here so that none of you suffer the tension and trauma of whether you will have to deal with an unwanted pregnancy.

The day I knew I was safe I wanted to share these little pieces of information with you and hope at least some of you find relief in it.

I had sex with my boyfriend on April 18th, i.e. the 8th day of my period. We had multiple intercourses within the few hours that we had. And after we were done (approx. within 10 hours) I took an ipill.

On April 27th, I started to bleed, like a normal period, and it lasted for 2 days.

I googled for answers and with all I read I understood it to be a withdrawal bleeding.

The fear and tension would not leave my mind. I kept thinking what if I was pregnant. I developed a horrible backache after the bleeding, chest pain and headaches followed. I even started losing hair like hell.

It increased my fear and you know the mind is a powerful thing, so powerful that I decided I was pregnant.

My boyfriend tried his best to console me and assure me I was not pregnant because he had not ejaculated in me and his medical friend had assured him that the ipill works. And yet I was scared.

Finally I went to google again and linked to an online doctor whose answer did not help me much. May 18th had passed; I had missed my period, which had not happened till date for me. I did 5 pregnancy tests meanwhile and all came negative. I googled again and it said home pregnancy tests are not reliable until the last day of your missed period. And so I did another test on the last day of my missed period, negative again.

But the tension in me did not let me believe I was safe. I went online again and this time got linked to a female gynaecologist and she was the one who gave me ultimate hope and relief. Based on what she said I am listing below the common mistakes we make.

1. Bleeding (Spotting) within 48-72 hours of having the ipill is called withdrawal bleeding. You may or may not get it.
2. But the bleeding that occurs after 7-10 days after the pill, whether it is for a day or two IS NOT withdrawal bleeding. It is an early induced period, meaning you are safe.
3. Home pregnancy tests, if done correctly, are 97% reliable unlike some reviews on google mentioning the test came negative but I was pregnant. That just means it was not done correctly.
4. Your next period, in case you have had an ipill induced period, will start around the date of the induced period, meaning your cycle will change to a new date. (If my last period started on 11th and ended on 17th and I had sex on the 8th day, i.e. 18th and had an ipill and got an induced period on 27th, it means my cycle has changed to 27th. My next period will start around 27th).
5. Although ipill is a 72 hour pill, it is best if taken within 12 hours. Even if you take it at the 12th hour, it is as effective as taking it within an hour.
6. There is no need to take an ipill after ever intercourse if all the intercourses have taken place before you have taken the ipill. Make sure you take the ipill on time, best within 12 hours or one day.

And true to her advice, I am safe and happy I got my period on May 24th and it was slightly heavier than usual, but does not matter.
But word of advice ladies:

Try using protection and not an ipill because it can cause a lot of temporary health issues. My boyfriend and I have decided no more wrong play. He and I never want to pass through the tension and pain I endured ever again.

Hope this helps someone out there! Cheers!