Hi my name is Courtney and I am wondering if I could be pregnant.... I began depo December 2006 and was very faithful on getting my shots on exactly 90 days after I got the previous.... That is until recently.... My boyfriend left in January 2008 to go to military boot camp and I felt no need to get the depo because I was not sexually active.... Before I never had symptoms of pregnancy other than breast tenderness.... In the 1+ year I was on it I only gained about 3 pounds so Depo never really bothered me. I got the shot in December 2007 and followed up with April 2008 since he would be home at the end of May.... We have been having unprotected sex since he got home and now I am feeling like I may be pregnant now.... I am a very unemotional person however in the past few weeks I have been very moody- I will be so angry out of no where and cant be happy again, or I would be really happy, or just crying off of things so little- for instance I cried afer I watched the following movies and shows: Gladiator, CSI, Eve's Bayou, United 93 (I was really balling on that one), and How To Eat Fried Worms- then if I call a friend of mine they either laugh at me or say I need serious help for that..... I am very small and can eat so much food however lately I am so hungry but have absolutely no appetite at all.... I have to force myself to eat and dont get me started on how the food smells.... The two things that really bother me is for one I was spotting last week for about 6-7 days then it stopped (and this would have been a good time for implantation bleeding) and the oher thing that bothers me are my nipples.... I am so ashamed to say this but my nipples look puffy, they have gotten bigger and darker and now he breast tenderness is even worse- I cant even wear my bra all day like I used too (If I can find one that fits comfortably= maybe the girls are getting bigger :-).... But someone please help me out.... I dont want to psych myself out but I may be going down that road.... So if someone has experienced this and was not pregnant please bring me back to reality--- at the same time if someone can relate who is or was pregnant please let me know..... O yea I also get these cramps in my sides now it feels like those cramps when you drink a bottle of water and immediately go sprinting.... Please help me!!!!!