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Pregnancy isn't always a pink cloud. If you suffer from morning sickness, you already know that. But have you encountered the truly embarrassing side of pregnancy yet?

1. Itchy and leaking breasts

Your breasts start changing from the very moment of conception, all in preparation for breastfeeding. One welcome pregnancy symptom many women (and their partners!) notice is larger breasts. As your breasts are getting bigger, the skin has to adapt too. Itching that you just must scratch can be the result. Mind you, be very careful that you do not scratch your nipples, even if they are the part of your breasts that is itching most. Yes, it happens. Be prepared. Somewhere during the later parts of the second trimester or the earlier parts of the third trimester, most women will also start leaking a little colostrum from their breasts. A few leak so much they have those charming wet rings on their shirts something that is also bound to happen while you breastfeed, unless you use breast pads all the time.

2. Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy aren't pretty, but if you get them you are not alone. Hemorrhoids are, actually, a variation of the varicose veins that are so common among expectant mothers, because of the increased blood volume, pressure on the lower body, and hormonal changes. Kegel exercises help prevent pregnancy hemorrhoids, and they have many other benefits too. Do your Kegels! If you start showing signs of hemorrhoids, witch hazel cream may alleviate it. Mention them to your OBGYN if they persist, though, no matter how embarrassed you are. Your doctor has seen them before, believe me.

3. Pregnancy constipation

Your digestive system slows down quite a bit when you are expecting a baby. Blame those darn pregnancy hormones, again. Pregnancy constipation can rear its ugly head because of this. If you are smart, you will try to prevent getting constipated by eating plenty of fiber rich foods and staying hydrated. Though this helps, you may still have trouble with bowel movements at times. Don't get over the counter laxatives, which are not always safe for pregnant women, and drink prune juice instead.

4. Yeast infections

Yeast infections are fairly common during pregnancy. Yeast infections, or thrush, are caused by the fungus candida albicans. Thrush can affect your mouth and nipples, but you are most likely to have vaginal thrush during pregnancy. If your vaginal discharge starts itching, changes colors, or you have a dry or burning sensation in your vulva, you probably have a yeast infection. See your doctor.

5. Nostalgic zits

You haven't been this spotty since you were a teenager, and are not quite sure how to deal with pregnancy acne. Zits are embarrassing to many pregnant women because they are so hard to hide. Do resist the temptation to squeeze them or they will look even worse. You may have to experiment with a new skin care routine to keep zits to a minimum. A gentle facial soap without perfume is probably best.

6. Disgusting pregnancy cravings

Pregnant women are very well known for their cravings, so you may well be prepared for them. Whether you crave pickles and ice cream, fish fingers and custard, or cigarette ash (that does happen craving non-food items is called pica), you may be very embarrassed to indulge in cravings in front of other people. You are going to get a ton of weird comments about eating, especially if you crave calorie-rich foods. Of course, it is not a good idea to let pregnancy cravings rule you, but we see no reason to refrain from indulging once in a while. Unless you do crave cigarette ash, of course.

7. Commercials make you cry

You may be a very cool-headed, normal person normally. Or you may be someone showing healthy emotions all the time. Whether you are cold and intellectual or touchy feely, you may be a tad embarrassed (not to mention surprised) when you start bawling at the sight of a commercial about puppy food, or even shampoo. Mood swings are caused by pregnancy hormones, and there is nothing you can do about them. Enjoy the ride.

8. A crazy libido

Not all women experience a peak in libido when they are pregnant, but those who do want to have sex so often that they can make up for all those expectant moms who don't feel like doing the deed! If you have turned into someone who is excited about trying everything that is in the kama sutra, you better hope that your other half is up for it too. Unfortunately, many men appear to have an irrational fear of having sex with their pregnant partner.

9. Puking in public places

In your first trimester, you may feel the urge to puke when you walk by the fish stand at the market, or your co-worker's cappuccino. No matter how much you try to reach the restroom, there could be instances when you just do not make it. Three quarters of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, and you could be the one who throws up in public.

10. Peeing yourself

Pregnancy forces you into the bathroom far more often than usual. First, pregnancy hormones are to blame and then your baby's weight becomes another cause. Don't feel too bad if you actually pee yourself, either while laughing or when you just can't get to the bathroom in time. Pregnancy incontinence has happened to most pregnant women, and I am one of them. If you are near your due date and not sure if you actually did pee, do check whether your bag of waters may have broken. How can you tell the difference? Well, amniotic fluid doesn't smell of pee.

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