Im currently 19 turning 20 in june, My Partner and I are lost and confused and hoping someone could be able to help.

I've been on the depo injection for about 2 years now and havnt been through what im going through now.

I was about a week late for my last injection and yes had unprotected sex during that time (thinking I cant get pregnant) I ended up having my injection but it wasnt until a couple of days after i noticed I wasnt feeling like my usual self but didnt really notice any changes until my partner turned around and told me that my breast have seemed to have gotten bigger, I didnt really notice til i put on my bra, I just strugged it off then i started to notice that there were lil bumps starting to appear around my nipple and my nipple were getting sensitive as days went by and i also notice my stomach started to become firm. I was scared so I contacted my mum and she said to see a doctor so i did.

I was just told by the doctor that its just my hormones playing up because i was late for my injection (but I've been a few days late before and nothing happened) he told me my hormones should go back to normal in a week or two, so im waiting. 

A week has already pasted and no signs of it settling, during the week i noticed ive been exstremely tired, going to the toilet alot more the usual, the smell of cooking sausages and laundry powder made me get headachy and sick (but that has seemed to settle now) on my breast and around the nipples i notice vains appearing and the nipples seem to be a lil pointy :/, and my partner noticed my stomach has seemed to slowly get a lil bigger then before.

I still keep thinking and keeping in mind that it could just be the hormones from the needle but sometimes cant help but wonder? could there be a chance i could be pregnant? then start to worry if i am would the injection harm my baby? I asked the doctor this and all i got was a recommendation for an abortion (Im against abortions) I wonder if i am pregnant and didnt have an abortion what effects could the injection have on my baby?

Plz feel free to give me an answer or your opioin,

If the hormones dont settle down in the next week, i'll be seeing the doctor again, and I will update you all but please feel free to comment and help me and my partner to keep our minds at ease til the next appointment