Hello- I initially went on Depo because of a medication I was using called Acutane, and had to use two forms of birth control. I was on Depo for about three years. I've heard all the horrifying stories about depo so I decided I wanted to get off. Every time I went in for my depo I would get my period that day for about a week then not get it until I was due again for my depo. My last Depo was due Oct. 3rd 2008. I didn't get the shot that month. Immediately I got my period for 8 weeks straight..It was terrible. Me and my boyfriend started having intercourse while I was on my period about the 7th week in. A week I didn't have my period. If i'm on schedule My period is due a week from today (12/26/08) I've been very sleepy, very sore breasts especially my nipples...I took a at home pregnancy test a week and a half ago and it came out negative..could I be pregnant?