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My mom is a diabetic...type 2 and was going to see about being placed on Wellbutrin XL. She does not use insullin but takes Glucovase. Would these 2 meds interact with each other?


Glucovance seems to be interacting with many products and medications but Wellbutrin XL is not one of them. I suppose that a doc who prescribe wellbutrin should have all the necessary information.

How long has your mom been taking Glucovance? It seems that any drug taken along with Glucovance needs to be checked with a doc because it may interact and both increase and decrease effects of either drugs.

Wellbutrin XL and other SSRI’s haven’t been stated to be likely to interact with Glucovance but antidepressants like MAOI’s have.
Dugs like nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil, Motrin, Naprosyn, and Voltaren may easily react with Glucovance, ciproflaxin (used for uti’s-urinary infections), beta-blockers and Calcium channel blockers for hypertension, any diuretics, and alcohol.

Your mom should be careful about taking any alcohol. Alcohol makes this drug less effective.