Has anyone experienced hair loss while taking Wellbutrin? I have read that antidepressants can cause hair loss. I had a lot of hair loss in June of 2002, at that time I was on Methadone 15mg/day, Wellbutrin 200mg/day, Ultram 100 mg/day and xanas.5 mg as needed.
Do any of these other drugs cause your hair to fall out?

Oh, I forgot, I was on hormone replacement therapy too. I was taking Premarin. I recovered most of my hair when I stopped the Premarin, and Wellbutrin.
Now it is 2 years later and my hair is falling out again. I am not sure what the culprit is, since I was taken of the hormones and Wellbutrin.

I feel I need a antidepressant ie...Wellbutrin. I lost a sister to suicide, then 2 years after that, I have a sister that is missing. Now I take care of my ill mom and work.

I know stress can cause hair loss. I did not have any hair loss when my sister took her life in her own hands, and that is the most stressful event I think anyone has to deal with.

What are your opinions? I need the Methadone for pain relief.