Only when all the body’s cells are supplied with sufficient oxygen can they remain healthy and fully functioning. Oxyfit is a can of medically-pure oxygen complete with a cap that inverts to become an instant inhaler mask, it delivers an invigorating blast whenever and wherever needed. An innovative and potentially vital addition to your home first aid kit.
1.Help combat stress or fatigue, and give your metabolism a kick-start when you’re training or trying to lose weight
2.Can speed up recovery and increase performance in all fitness-related activities such as skiing, walking, jogging, cycling, circuit training, mountaineering and weightlifting.
3.Supplementing oxygen supply during stressful periods can help treat jetlag or general sleepiness, and even assist metabolism after food consumption
4. Small 2 Litre can, 5½" (14.3cm) high
5. Provides 15-20 ‘breathers’
6. Only deliverable to mainland UK
7. Two cans supplied