Despite numerous multi-million-pound campaigns that had been undertaken in order to educate about alcohol and drug usage and negative effects they have on our physical and psychical health, more and more children are reaching out for the drugs.
The number of children who tried drugs and especially the age at which they decide to try drugs are more than anxious.

A survey was conducted among the 3.4 million secondary pupils in England. Dramatic conclusions have been made that about one in one hundred 11-year-olds have tried drugs like cocaine, ecstasy and heroin. Cocaine use among schoolboys and girls has doubled and deaths of cocaine usage has risen as well. One in four of the 9,000 11- to 15-year-olds questioned reported drinking alcohol on regular basis.

The worrying fact is that although so many efforts have been made in curbing drugs’ and alcohol usage, little has been done. The levels of drugs, drink and cigarettes used by children aged 11 to 15 have not changed for the past five years. Boys seem to be more likely to drink while girls would rather go for a cigarette.

Every year more than 1 million visits and 400,000 admissions to the emergency department are made due to illicit drugs usage.