It seems as if there has come to saturation with drugs among club goers, so they decided to switch to horse tranquilizers.

It appears that an anesthetic used on both humans and animals is being more and more abused in recent years.

It’ name is Ketamine aka K, Ket, Special K, Vitamin K, Vit K, Kit Kat, Keller, Kelly's day, Green, Blind squid, Cat valium, Purple, Special la coke, Super acid, and Super C.
The drug is currently legal but will become a Class C drug from 1 January. Those who use it recreationally can take it in form of powder, tablet or liquid form.
The drug’s effects go from euphoria, hallucinations and "dissociative" feelings in which mind and body seem to be separated. If used in conjunction with alcohol or other depressants, it could unable users to move or feel pain while on the drug.
Besides going illegal from 1 January, there will be other stiffer sentences for dealers selling drugs near schools or using children as couriers.