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I'm young, still in highschool and pot is quite plentiful around my area..
Been smoking for about a year and a half, and I havn't noticed any problems (except for the day after). I don't know if I want to quit or not, because a lot of my buddies smoke, and they're pretty much lowlifes, but..
How can I be sure that I'll sink as low as them? I often wonder if stoners are always failing because they're less motivated as a normal person, and would be more likely to smoke anyways?

I've been a computer nerd since I was sevenish, everyday: wake,school,computer until I crash, but it is slowly turning into wake,(smoke before school on occasion), school, smoke, computer, smoke, crash. I'm afraid I'll lose interest in computers and my goals in life, but until I have a hard sign of it(or the good reason I'm looking for), I wont be quitting anytime soon'



You are intelligent, intelligent enough to see that this drug is demonized much more than it deserves to be. I'm 20, in college, a daily smoker, and I have weed-smoking peers on both ends of the spectrum. Some who are complete lowlives, some who are actually very successful and earning good money. I've experimented with a vast array of other drugs, and quickly discontinued usage of all others beside weed, including alcohol. Marijuana affects everyone differently, just like alcohol or cocaine. Some people can use daily and still lead goal-oriented, successful lives. For some it becomes the kickoff object which opens up a floodgate of depression, apathy, reliance, and worse. Such people would've slipped into that hell regardless of whether they were using weed, alcohol, or whatever else though. It's not weed that does that to a person, it's a substance in general. I have also seen many for who the "gateway drug" became just that, a launching point into a downward spiral of harder, deadlier drugs. If you are informed about what marijuana is, and are honest with yourself about the physiological effects it is having on your body (which are unique to you, the type of weed you smoke, and the means by which you smoke it), then there may be no need for you to ever quit. The best thing to do, whether you are a smoker or not, is to keep yourself in check, and be honest to yourself. Ask yourself what you personally want out of your life, then attain that. If marijuana usage is blocking you from that then you are someone who cannot handle substance usage, you are not weaker than anyone else, just have the capacity to realize it and quit. Case in point, if your life is unhappy and unfulfilling, you need to find a solution, and quitting weed may or may not be that solution. If you are content in your life then you do not need to quit.