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Lately I have been ASTOUNDED by what seems to be an "Epidemic" of STD's/STI's! I have counselled SO many teenagers and young adults on here and at home that have been diagnosed with an STD or fear they have one! With ALL the information and protection that is out there, I am dumbfounded of why these "kids" are not only putting themselves at risk of pregnancy BUT more so contracting an STD!

The following is the latest information I can dig up, This is for the United States for 2007:

Syphilis - 40,920 cases reported!
Chylamydia - 1, 108,374 cases reported that's MILLION!!!
Gonorrhea - 355,991 cases reported
Herpes - 1 in 4 Americans have Genital Herpes!
1 million cases of Herpes are diagnosed each year!
- 30 million Americans have Herpes
- 25% of pregnant women have genital herpes!
- There are more cases of Gential Herpes than ALL the other STD's Combined
- 80 - 90% of People who have genital herpes have NOT been diagnosed!
- Every 30 seconds a new person gets diagnosed with genital herpes!
- Genital Herpes has risen by 30% in 10 years
- At the current rate eventually half of all Americans WILL have Genital Herpes!!!!
Genital Warts
- 1 million cases of genital warts being diagnosed each year!
- 1 person in 270 people have the disease - a staggering .3% from the total American population. Meaning, there are 114 people being confirmed to have genital warts per hour, 2,739 per day, 19,230 per week and 83, 333 per month.!
- Other studies suggest that the prevalence of genital warts may be as high as 5.5 million new cases per year for the United States alone. In addition, since the virus causing genital warts have different strains and not all of them develop warts, some people may not even know they have the disease and go about living a normal life and even spreading the virus without them knowing.

Foremost - as a mother - I want to know "Why!?" Why is there such a total disregard for ones own health and perhaps the health of baby that might come from having unprotected sex with an infected person? What can we do as a Country, City, Village, School, Parents etc, to stop this "Epidemic"? Are the schools and above all parents, not talking about the severe consequences to their children? Are we not explicit enough - as in showing teenagers and young adults, photographs and real images of people with STD's instead of drawings and cartoons? There has to be something that we can do collectively to turn this around!


I would have to accredit some of it to promiscuity at a young age. Kids start to have sex at a very young age these days. I'm talking middle school. At this age they haven't really had sex-ed yet. I remember last year my car was broken down and I had to ride the bus for a week. The little middle school guys were talking about this "pretty" girl who had pleasured them orally the day before in a field that was a couple of acres from my backyard. All 3 guys and the 1 girl were 8th graders.

Some just believe what older cool kids tell them. They see or think others are doing it so it is what needs to be done to fit in.

I recently watched a episode of Dr. Phil where girls (as little as 11 years old) were being recruited to joinng groups of older kids to have oral relations with them. They do this because in return they get material items such as a small shopping spree at the mall courtesy of the male receiver. The girls recruit each other for this kind of work because they are happy with getting paid for their services. That is right, you are reading correctly. These Middle and high school girls are joining prostitution rings. The parents didn't even find it fishy that their kids had new ipods and expensive clothes.

I didn't think this was at my high school, but my girlfriend who still attends this school told me different. A few girls I know came back to school last fall with all kinds of new purses and fancy clothes. When my girlfriend asked where these girls had gotten the expensive stuff, they told her. Each one of them basically had a sugar daddy all summer.

I also know of this one girl who was chasing after the star football player at our high school, you know the one, at a party. He had had sex with her on multiple occasions and she had intentions of being in a relationship with him. He was the kind that went from girl to girl in the same night. He told her he wanted nothing to do with her. So to spite him, she had sex with 7 guys that night and oral sex with another guy.

That same girl went back to the football player the next weekend to have a threesome with him. Things have changed, and this is not a extremely new situation. Threesomes and multiple sex partners (even in the same night) are not too out of the blue.

On the episode of Dr. Phil there was a school nurse that said she had std break out (forget which STD) of hundreds of students all of a sudden. So I guess kids get around these days and protection is not a concern, apparently and appallingly.

Once this promiscuity starts, it becomes a norm or a habit and follows them to college. At this age, I believe that substances hinder the mind and prevent protection. Alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs seem to help mistaken nights happen.


TOTALLY agree with you gatoraide, but WHY!!!? Is it from videos, movies TV shows? I saw the same show, and all my sons talk about is "Friends with benefits!" that makes my blood boil! I have let them both have it about having no respect! But like my eldest son and his buddies say "Why would we turn it down if it has been offered to us on a plate?!" Which I understand, but what are these girls and guys thinking!!!? In a city just north of us Syphillis has risen by 2,000% Syphillis!!!!!!!!! And the highest rate of ALL STD's are in young girls! I have seen pictures that young girls have sent to my boys! It is just porn! BUT they want to "Get" the guy! There are all these shows, like Jersey Boys, The Hills etc. I can't believe some of it! Well who am I kidding ALL of it! When I saw the stat about if this trend continues 1/2 the population of the States will have Herpes! I was astounded! I truly believe it is time to shock these kids back to reality! No more nice guy in the schools or at home! It's time to bring this to tv and have a popular spokesperson talk about it on tv! After all these years smoking is finally considered disgusting enough, why can't STD's!?


Well in high school I had no idea how special sex actually is. I just wanted to have it. Soon after I did and it was with a girl I love. This showed me how special making love is. But, sadly society and the media doesn't expose kids (from a young age) to meaningful relations. Like you said about the Jersey Shore and such. This creates the spread of STD's. But I am on the same boat as you, I don't understand why condoms aren't being used EVERY time.


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Gatoriad said: "I would have to accredit some of it to promiscuity at a young age. Kids start to have sex at a very young age these days. I'm talking middle school. At this age they haven't really had sex-ed yet. I remember last year my car was broken down and I had to ride the bus for a week. The little middle school guys were talking about this "pretty" girl who had pleasured them orally the day before in a field that was a couple of acres from my backyard. All 3 guys and the 1 girl were 8th graders."

Do you think having our president tell everyone who was watching TV a few years ago, that getting his penis sucked by Monica wasn't sex might have anything to do with the kids attitude toward oral? o.O


Njoying, that may be but I don't even remember that. I'm 19. I think some of this pandemic is very very recent to the point of just a few years ago. That means the kids that are 16, 17 years old at the moment.

Good point though because what the president did and said doesn't help at all.


I agree with you Gator! And you too Njoying! For the people in their 20's I'm sure Clinton has a lot to do with it! BUT I think with the teenagers it's about the Brittany Spears, and all of these other girls, gettig pregnant, having multiple partners, they are the Madonnas of today - she used to push the envelope, but EVERYONE of them pushes it now! It's a real shame that all of these shows, don't show condom use when they are "hooking up"!

Since you stated your age gator, I will ask you this question! IF you were shown REAL pictures of STD's/STI's when you were say in grade 7/8/9 and heard from real people with STI\s, do you think it would have affected you?


I don't know for sure if they would have affected me. To be honest it wouldn't have mattered because I wanted to be safe from the get go. I'm not a risk taker, in any form.

That being said, if you fed nasty images to students without saying something like, "These are not me using scare tactics. I am just showing you a REAL outcome of unprotected sex." Then if you made the students stand up, and took out 1 in 3 (made up statistic) 13-15 year old with STD A, then 1 in 6 13-15 year old with STD B. 1 out of 5 students that got pregnant unprotected sex or something. This would help the students comprehend the statistics. You get the idea. At the end of the activity the students look around and see all the students that "have std's" and the baby that was made and BAM eye opener. Its a goofy activity but gets the point through.

I wouldn't want you to just show me a bunch of nasty images because:

A: I won't look at them (in denial and grossed out)
B: I would think you just don't want me to have sex.

This would have affected me in two ways. I would be grossed out from the images and then I could see that people my own age had STDs. When you see it in a book, that is exactly where it is, in the book. You think older people have them or people far away. Not in little ol' Lynchburg. Then you get older and realize that this is not the case at all.


"Wisdom out of the mouth of babes!" It's an old and VERY true statement! That is a FANTASTIC idea about the group things gator! I had a thought while you were saying That! Have a screen shot of say genital herpes in men and women, then have placards for either a boy or girl to hold for that group! Gonorhea, Clap, Warts, etc! That would be REALLY something to see wouldn't it!!!? About a week ago there was a show about a young researcher who wanted to teach about such things, and the school boards didn't want her to do it, because they "thought" that she would look like she was promoting it!!!!!! You know what gator? I think you have inspired me to take some action here! I have been a long time advocate against healthcare cuts in my province! And if you think about 1/2 of all Americans getting these diseases in the future I think that is going to be one of the biggest drains on our society's health care budgets!


Did you just call me a baby? >;)

Just Kidding.

It already is a huge drain on the budgets. As you say it is getting greater. I will tell you something that might shock you. A local high school back home had a health clinic IN THE SCHOOL. This is crazy in my opinion. It promotes irresponsibility in my opinion. I say this because I have access to a health clinic here at Virginia Tech and worry less about my health because I don't have a $20 copay and prescriptions are dirt cheap (less than $2). I think this probably transfers into the sexual health for students here too. "If I get something I'll just goto the clinic, take some pills, and that's the end of that." Yet, by the time you get to college you are a little more mature and responsible. I don't see 9th graders being responsible, especially when they have access to prescriptions. I could be entirely wrong because parental consent would be necessary.

There would be more access to condoms this way though.

What do you think about having health clinics (centered around sexual health) at high schools?

Check this out. I think it is a great idea since so many kids don't know they are carriers and would have ended up spreading. Then somebody ends up paying for 10 prescriptions of antibiotics instead of just 1 (most likely the health insurance companies/medicare raising costs). Is this a good investment for preventing rising of costs?