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Last year, I suffered from anxiety and depression, prompting my Doctor to put me on Effexor. The medication successfully helped me overcome a rather bad period in my life, but the side effects were creating other problems, especially when I went back to work. I was on a strong dose of 225mg a day. I had trouble getting up in the morning, couldn't concentrate on anything, my memory was rubbish, I felt off colour all the time and would have terrible withdrawal symptoms if I forgot a dose or took it just a few hours late. The side effects were seriously disrupting my work, and I decided to try and wean myself off the medication. I am now at 75mg a day, and I managed to wean myself down unbelievably easily. Here's what I'm doing:

I had a few days off, and started by cutting down from 225 to 150. I had minor side effects the first week. A bit of dizziness, some mood swings (nothing dramatic) and that was it. I stayed at 150 for a month until the Christmas holiday, at which point I went down to 75 mg, mostly painlessly. I did have a bit of dizziness and a few minor anxious episodes in the first month, prompting me to wait a little bit before going down again. Now that the anxiety has subsided, I'm about to go down again. My plan is to be medication free by this summer.

I think the idea is to go slowly and to listen to yourself. Also, having some time off when cutting down helps!

Lowering the dose has done me a great deal of good... I'm a lot more focused, much less forgetful and less hazy. I feel much more in control of myself. It's hard to explain, but the difference is MAJOR!

I hope the wean is going to keep being so painless. I'm confident however, since it's been going so well this far!

Good luck to all!


Wow so good to read your story..keep it up are doing so well,,cant wait to hear that your free from these nasty little pills..good luck buddy im thinking of you!