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Hello! I am a person who has a question. This is probably a good place to do so. I want to ask about endometriosis and gastroparesis. I would like to know some similarity between these two diseases. What is characteristically for first and second disease? If anyone has experience with such disorder it would be nice to learn about it. In any case I want to thanks for your reply.


Hello there,

Well I don’t know why you want to know about these two disorders because they can be pretty severe and I think that this is question for some doctor but I can let you know about endometriosis. My mother’s friend was diagnosed with this condition and here’s what we have heard and learn about it.

First of all this is painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of woman uterus grows outside hers uterus. This condition involves ovaries, bowel and the tissue lining the pelvis. Although it doesn’t happen often endometrial tissue sometimes can spread beyond the pelvic region.

Since it is painful it can be really uncomfortable, but effective treatment options are available.