Scientists found that eating apples and fish during pregnancy may play a significant role in protecting the baby from developing different allergies including asthma.
Previous studies managed to link faulty diet to asthma, but they were unable to point to any specific deficiencies.

The latest study focused on children and examined specific foods rather than nutrients. They included 1,212 children, whose mothers agreed to respond to food questionnaires regarding their diet during pregnancy. Five years after, they responded to another questionnaire concerning their child's respiratory health and the food habits.

Children of those mothers with the highest intake of apples were less likely to develope wheeze at the age of five in comparison to children of mothers with the lowest apple intake during pregnancy. Similar results occurred with fish consumption. Those women who ate fish at least once a week during pregnancy were also less likely to have children with allergic conditions like eczema at the age of five.

Fish are known to be rich in omega-3 fatty acids, linked to developing a strong immunity while apples contained abundant amount of flavonoids, also linked to helping the body develop strong immunity and battle everyday allergies.

It may be too early to ask pregnant women to increase their consumption of fish and apples but following a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will certainly ensure they have healthy babies.