Many seafood lovers were dissuaded from consuming seafood after it has been announced to be unfit for human nutrition. They can relax now as reports received from a new 10-year-old study show that benefits outweigh the possible risks and that some of the spoken risks haven’t even been confirmed.

It is true that fish is getting more and more polluted from the environmental substances like mercury, PCBs, dioxins and others. That is why some groups of people, like pregnant women and children should avoid specific kinds of fish. Fish from rivers are even more polluted that sea fish and should certainly be avoided by these groups.

The study that gave this new information involved 700 children from Seychelles Islands and lasted for 10 years. They have been eating 12 meals of fish per week that contained high levels of methyl mercury. The amount of fish the children had is 10 times bigger than the amount included in the average western diet.

Cognitive tests performed on children during this 10 year study showed no cognitive impairment due to mercury absorption.

Scientists that led the study recommend us to eat fish 4-7 times a week as its nutritients have extremely high health benefits, especially because they represent a protein food with fewer calories than other meat sources and are good for the heart and mental disorders

The bottom line is: go for it!