Many marine species contain high level of mercury which endangers newborns and fetuses and for years pregnant and nursing women were advised to limit the amount of fish they eat.Because of this many pregnant woman avoid seafood but recently new research found that more fish ensures optimal brain development in babies and so these women may actually harm newborns by avoiding fish.

Both of the studies say that pregnant woman can safely eat about two servings of seafood per week but many pregnant woman don’t eat fish at all because of the fear of mercury contamination. However, increased number of studies found that omega-3-fatty acids that can be found in fish are of great importance for brain development in fetuses and newborns.

Recent research concluded that woman who had eaten more then two servings of seafood per week during pregnancy produced more intelligent children and they claim that reduced intake of these nutritions may harm neurological development in fetuses and newborns.

In spite of that, many woman still fear of mercury and other toxins. For them , the wisest is to choose salmon, herring and sardines which are low in mercury anyway and to avoid shark, swordfish and tile fish which contain high levels of mercury.