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I currently have Chron's. I am taking methotrexate injections and 20mg predisone for flareups. I also take 2400mg of asacol a day. Is there any reason that I cannot eat grapefruit?

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I am a 49 year old Male who has Chron's from age 18 years old. The doctor's told me back then there were only about 100 case's. They knew what it was but actually no treatment. I was put on Predisone(Steriod) till I was around 48 years old. it made me very hungry and aggitates me easily. I was also put on Sulfasalizine Yellow Sulfur tablets. I had exploritiry surgery at 23 years of age cause the doctor's didn't think anything was wrong with me. After he opened me up they removed 14 inches of my small Intestine. It was as large as a Grapefruit. In 2002 I had to have another surgery. Then 3 days after that surgery I had to have emergency Surgery. The Predisone I was taking had made my Intestine's very brittle and they had to give me 3 pints of blood and go back in and reconstruct my Intestine's. I wanted to die the emergency surgery. I am now on pentasa 250 mg twice daily. and I was on immuran twice daily but I stopped the Immuran. The Immuran is a very deadly drug. it cause's cancer type moles and cause's the palette's and your blood count to go whacky. Every Month I feel weak and exhausted and I have to give myself a Vitiman B-12 shot Once monthly. I see my Dr. every quarterly and if systom's flare. I see him asap. I also take Zannax To control my anxiety. Stress is a very big factor on controlling flare ups. Don't wait till a major flare up occurs cause I use to and it was very deadly and taking big risk. Your intestine's can rupture. I also if I have an attack I am also on Hydrocodine 10/500. I usually flare once weekly but if you know the symptoms you can curb it. If not go to the ER and tell them to run blood test and give you something for Nausea if Needed and Something for pain and just relax. You have to relax the body for the symptom to reside and become less painful. Remicade company keeps rejecting me to get the treatment. it is around $10.000 a shot and you have to have 3 shots with an IV. I can eat all types of dairy foods. But Milk Duds/ Caramels/ and Popcorn is a Big NO NO. I am lucky I can even eat salad. but with everybody systoms are different. So far I am still Lucky I weigh around 214 lbs the Chron's gives me a lot of dirreah which I go to the bathroom 12 to 15 times a day. I can not keep a job on account of it. I hope you find this very helpful. If any question's feel free to type to the address and ask question.